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10 Best Adventure Activities in Singapore

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10 best adventures places in Singapore

Most of us have the opinion that Singapore is boring to stimulate thrill in an extravagant way, there are chances that you may get same reaction from the locals. Here we are, to change your perception, this blog will definitely change your thought about the globally popular destination that Singapore is all about shopping, eating and visiting outstanding attractions such as Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios, and China Town etc.

As a travel solution provider, We are finding out the 10 Best Adventure Activities in Singapore that will help you out to ignite your adrenaline. Test yourself to kick- off with extreme adventurous activities to elate your adrenaline high. From midnight safaris to sky- diving, the list is unstoppable that you must indulge in.

List of Top 10 Best Adventure Activities in Singapore

1.Rides in Universal Studios

2. Formula One Adventure in Singapore

3. Snorkelling in Singapore

4. Indoor Skydiving in Singapore

5. Reverse Bungee in Singapore

­­­6. Scuba Diving in Singapore

7. Freefall Adventure in Singapore

8. Water Adventure in Singapore

9. Forest Adventure in Singapore

10.Water Jetpack in Singapore

Try one of these adventure activities in Singapore:-

1. Rides in Universal Studios

rides in universal studios in Singapore

Whenever we discuss about adventurous activities in Singapore, there is nothing can beat the destination. Apart from enjoying the screen at Universal Studios Singapore. Allow yourself to revel in innovative rides, shows and attractions, conceptualized according to your favorite Hollywood blockbusters and television series comprising Transformers, Jurassic Park, Puss in Boots, and much more. So, get ready to celebrate your holidays with a tinge of adventure to it.

2. Formula One Adventure

Formula One Adventure in Singapore

If are an automobile junkie, luxury cars and sports bikes excites you, then Formula One Adventure is a perfect choice for you. Revving up your beast’s engine and loosen- up yourself into enormous power of a Lamborghini or Ferrari at Singapore’s Formula One Circuit is one insane experience.

You may also try cruising along for a turbocharged tour for an electrifying experience. It is famed as one of the most exhilarating outdoor activities to rejoice in Singapore. So, get your gears on and wear your helmet, and get ready to unleash yourself into an extremely thrilling sport.

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3. Snorkelling

Snorkeling in Singapore

Willing to be a spectator of the rich flora and fauna from the marine life of Singapore, head towards Sisters Islands. Both the Islands are dead- drop gorgeous and showcases the abundant richness of marine life to please your eyes while snorkeling over there. If Singapore is in wish list in your upcoming vacation list, do not forget to do it with your friends and family.

4. Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving in Singapore

Always wanted to skydive but heights are scaring you? Here in Singapore you can enjoy this thrilling activity staying in a well- geared environment. Ignite the adventure of a 10,000ft freefall in the protection of this five-storey indoor wind tunnel. Plan body-flying in the world’s biggest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving for a kick like nowhere else, it is considered as one of the most interesting activities in Singapore.

5. Reverse Bungee


Singapore Reverse Bungy

This adventurous activity is only for people who are strong at heart, it is considered as one of the best adventurous activities to try out in Singapore. So are you up for group bungee jumping? Well group bungee jumping doesn’t implicate that your fear will become less because of the fact you are sharing the space, in fact your adrenaline rush is going to get double.

Try reverse bungee jumping at Clarke Quay, which is also one of the renowned places in Singapore, to indulge in experiencing the gravitational force almost like a rocket launch.

6. Scuba Diving

Singapore Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is again an adventurous water sports to try out in Singapore. If you have plans for vacationing in Singapore, try out our Singapore Holiday Packages to experience the activity to its fullest. Savor in some of the most vibrant coral reefs encompassing beautiful areas in the popular travel destination. It is popular among tourists as well as locals.

7. Freefall Adventure

free fall in Singapore

Craving for an adrenaline kick? Then you are at the right blog post, you must give a try to Freefall as it is one of the stimulating activities in Singapore that you satiate in. To try out Freefall adventure, Paralump at Sentosa is the perfect place. If outdoor activities excites you and your friends, then add the activity in your wish list. You won’t regret after witnessing the leap point while freefalling.

8. Water Adventure

water adventures in singapore

Out of innumerable thrilling activities tours in Singapore, an adventurous activity down Adventure River, crossing through fourteen theme based zones comprising tropical lush- green jungle is mandatory. Go for snorkeling among beautiful and vibrant coral reef accompanied by over 20,000 friendly fishes or experience the adrenaline- infused hydro- magnetic coaster. Rejoice in exploring the rich marine life with your family and friends.

9. Forest Adventure

Forest Adventures in Singapore

Forest Adventure, laden with various forest obstacles takes to you journey, where you have never been before. For jumping jacks, the activity ignites your inside Tarzan with obstacles from exalted bridges and hanging trapezes to shaky logs and swinging nets. As it is famous about Singapore, that there is no end list to thrilling activities in Singapore vacation packages for adventure seekers.

10. Water Jetpack

Water Jetpack in Singapore

There is no need to have some professional training or experience to revel in Water Jetpack or Jet blade. Launching as rocket from the water to a height of 30 feet up in the air is an exhilarating experience in its own. The water propelled jetpack shoots you high up above the water surface with controlled water pressure. You will be guided under certified instructors for the activity.

Revel into an extravagant Singapore holiday and Plan a visit to Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Life Park, Singapore flyer, and Marina Bay Sands and of course, thrilling adventurous activities more. Singapore Tour Packages Inclusive of flight tickets, luxurious 4- star accommodation, transfers, breakfast, sightseeing, & at the most exciting affordable rates!

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