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Best Adventure Sports in Dubai with Dubai tour packages

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Best 6 Adventure Sports In Dubai with Dubai tour packagemain

No mood of sightseeing and exploring skyscrapers! Time to pump some adrenaline in your body with adventure sports in Dubai.

Dubai, the futuristic paradise of the UAE is popular for its luxury accommodations, world-class shopping outlets and mind-blowing experiences. Apart from famous attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, Dubai Mall and other attractions, it features broad array of adventure sports In Dubai with Dubai tour packages from hot air balloon expeditions to desert safaris.

And the exhilarating getaways that the extravagant destination offers including sports like skiing, skydiving and much more, making it the right place for personalized Dubai holiday packages as well.

Dubai is an ideal option destination to plan a holiday just the way you want without burning holes in your pocket. It looks like an expensive affair, but we are here for the rescue with our customize Dubai Holiday Packages.

List of best 6 adventure sports in Dubai with Dubai tour packages

1 : Skydiving in Dubai

2: Shark Diving in Dubai

3: Microlighting in Dubai

4: Desert Safari in Dubai

5: SeaBreacher Ride in Dubai

Indulging in adventure activities in the destination are perfect for a holiday in Dubai. Though most of other places have tried to match its variety of breathtaking top activities and attractions, only few have gone far. If you are looking for the adventurous things to do in Dubai during your vacation, Get adrenaline rush with these best 6 adventure sports in Dubai tour packages.

Nothing can get better if you start your Dubai holiday with Skiing, one of the most popular adventure things to do. The Mall of The Emirates offers an indoor ski resort. You can enjoy skiing with rails and jumps like real skiing.

1. Skydiving Dubai




Skydiving in Dubai is gaining popularity among travelers who are fond of adventure sport in Dubai. Experience the thrill by jumping off a plane and falling free from 13,000 feet. The speed of the fall is around 200 km/ hour enough to give you adrenaline rush.


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2. Shark Diving in Dubai


Shark Diving 


Want to get little playful with sharks? Enjoy shark diving experience in a giant tank aquarium and witness sharks and other marine animals swimming around. The tank features approximately 33, 000 marine species.

3. Microlighting Dubai



The adventure sport in Dubai is attracting tourists from every corner of the world. Microlighting is a one or two-seater aircraft that offers a 15-minute flying trip. The flying trip is usually a slow trip, as it is a very slow speed.

4. Desert Safari in Dubai


Desert Safari

Do not miss out on Desert Safari, the sport is one of key adventurous things to do in Dubai. So get ready to boost some adrenaline on sandunes. Enjoy the Safaris, Night Camping in the middle of desert and explore wildlife on Land Rover.

5. Seabreacher Ride in Dubai


SeaBreacher Ride 


The must-try adventure sports in Dubai is Seabreacher Ride with Dubai tour packages. The tempting activity features a watercraft which resembles to the shape of sharks. The watercraft floats on the water and also goes underwater.

Experience the thrill apart from city tours and glitz of Dubai at the most cost-effective prices, Go for Adventure Sports in Dubai with Dubai tour packages.

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