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What is a Best month to visit in Dubai?

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Planning a trip to Dubai, but questioning when will be the right time? It is December. Because of its great conditions, seasonal festive occasions and amazing promotions, most visitors tend to purchase exclusive Dubai holiday packages at this period of the year.

Dubai ‘s weather, as it is situated on the Persian Gulf, is usually elevated in April. But as it gets colder as the hours go by, then again, you can be soothed that this does not get scorching hot and you can walk around comfortably. So, April in Dubai is a great chance to rest, just bring your important things so you don’t end up in trouble!

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What are the places to visit in Dubai?

Museum of Illusions

One of the fastest-growing museum franchises in Dubai has managed to open once again. With more than 80 shows of vision that will wince the curiosity, this museum is certainly the biggest. Six more units that served in other places were followed by the Zagreb Museum of Illusions. Capture video of the “ass on a platter room” or the “upside down room” and get emotionally prepared for a relentless bombardment of clicks and hearts on social media sites as well. Start moving into the Circle, so you can believe the air is spinning by the visual illusion, it can be shocking and very fun!

Dubai Garden Glow

The Dubai Garden Glow is not only appealing, but also family-oriented. With a glow-in-the-dark colour scheme, The Garden is the world’s largest, with 10 million lights on display. Delightful patterns such as tropical bird-like coral reefs and jelly fish are created by the lights (ecological protection). You could go down the nightclub halls and see the buildings light up in the nearby city. Carvings of animatronic dinosaurs and an ice forest are also visible. This is a great destination that you can appreciate extensively! Note, the best time to visit Dubai is in April, so plan in advance!

Dubai Parks And Resorts

Explore the theme parks, the best of all tourist attractions in Dubai. There are many theme-oriented attractions, including the Hollywood-oriented Motion Entrance, the Bollywood-modelled park, Legoland, and a wave pool. Indoors and outdoors, there appear to be over 100 impressive slides that provide both young and old alike with a pleasant experience. To fulfil the hunger pangs, resume your adventure to the strategically placed cuisine lane and satisfy yourselves with a world-class culinary tradition. The Lapita Hotel invites you and helps you to stay in the Polynesian style and to enjoy the beauty of the River Land.

How much does a normal person cost to travel to Dubai?

For one person, a vacation to Dubai for one week normally costs about AED5,101. So, a two-person trip to Dubai costs about AED10,202 for one week. For two people, a tour for 2 weeks costs AED20,405 in Dubai.

What is the average cost of a hotel room in Dubai? (H3)

For your holiday in Dubai, you can expect to invest about AED729 ($198) per day. Also, AED998 ($272) is the average hotel price in Dubai for two.  Although Dubai ‘s meal prices may vary, Dubai ‘s median price of food is AED164 a day.

Do You Need a Visa to Go to Dubai? 


To enter Dubai for any amount of time, all US people should have a round-trip ticket and a passport that is valid for more than 6 months. Tourists intending to remain in the United Arab Emirates for 30 days or less can, at the point of entry, obtain a visitor’s visa, which is available at no charge.

Getting Around Dubai


There is a great deal of traffic in Dubai, much like every big city and tourist town. There is peak hour traffic as well. You should be mindful that Sunday through Thursday is the working week in Dubai. Their days over the weekend are Friday and Saturday. This impacts the time it takes to travel from one place to another by car / taxi. Traffic on the weekends is much less.


Use standard taxi cabs with the highest rates and not expensive Lexus taxis. Check to see if the taxi has a metre and you might even inquire if the price is going to be from one point to the next.


Dubai has a Metro system which is very simple and convenient to use. This could be the best option depending on the congestion during the week and peak hour. Trains run more frequently during the week.

Buses Hop On / Hop Off 

This is another way of seeing Dubai and two variables are accessible. Both are available for pickup at the Dubai mall and have alternate options that take you to all the major locations. If you plan to do this, leave early the next morning, do so on a weekend or buy a multi-day ticket.

Do They Speak English in Dubai?


Yes. Most of them are fluent in English.

Things NOT to do in Dubai 


These are the Dubai attractions that you just do not need to think about integrating into your journey.

The Top of Burj Khalifa 


While packed, the project is not well managed. You would be surprised if you have been to the top of some buildings, such as the Empire State Building or the John Hancock Building.

Friday Buffet Brunch at Saffron in the Atlantis Resort 


On Fridays, brunch is served in Dubai. This would be enjoyable if you go with a group. If you are aiming for a lunch event that is more romantic or elegant dining, then this will not be the right option for you.

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