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Celebrate Christmas in Thailand in 2019 to Bask In the Joys of Festivities

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Christmas is festival to rejoice and it allows a great time for travelling to your favourite destinations. As we all know that people in Thailand don’t celebrate the festival, but it is considered to be one of the most happening places to visit during Christmas. If you are thinking to plan a visit to Thailand for Christmas and New Year, it is a great idea to celebrate Christmas.

The holidays in Thailand during the month of December is a happy time. From malls to every store, is studded in shimmery lights and decorated with embellishments to all the magnificent hotels recreating the Christmas in a unique way such as heavy discounts or free services.

Best Time to Visit Thailand

christmas celebration in thailand

Though Thailand is a Buddhist country, it flaunts good tropical weather and super friendly Thai people. There is something special and unique about Christmas celebration in Thailand. If you are in Thailand you can revel into exploring the beautiful countryside.

As the weather is superbly pleasant you can indulge into adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities and sightseeing. You don’t have to stick yourself just to Bangkok, Rather you can try exploring some of the other cities in Thailand to spend Christmas.

Reasons for Celebrating Christmas in Thailand

reason for celebrating

Well, you do not have any specific reason to plan for a vacation in this gorgeous country filled with spectacular beaches, but it is a good practice if you plan your itinerary well with Thailand holiday packages to make it hassle-free. If you are shopping- spree and looking for some Christmas presents for your loved ones, Thailand will never disappoint you.

Thailand is laden with shopping stores and flea markets, which offers everything for every kind of traveller, starting from branded clothes to cheapest accessories. The floating flea market is one of the famous flea markets. Reasonable prices on alcohol here makes it a tropical paradise and allow you to have a budget-oriented Christmas.

If you are still juggling with the thought that where are you going to celebrate your next Christmas, here we have listed a few of the best places to enjoy the Christmas.

top 4 places

1. Bangkok

There is so much to do in December here when most of the lavish hotels and shopping centres are flowing the exciting discounts, so get ready, dress up and enjoy the festive displays that is for sure going to elevate holiday mood.

Apart from most of the opulent malls dolled up in bright colours, Bangkok also boasts plenty of outdoor, train markets, weekend and floating during Christmas. These markets are perfect spots to buy Christmas gifts and souvenirs for friends and family and to enjoy a delectable meal. Those who are willing to participate in religious services are embraced with open arms at most of the Christian churches which are open on Christmas day.

A bounty of food outlets, fine dining’s in hotels put up a scrumptious gala buffet to celebrate Christmas. If you want to splurge, head out to InterContinental or Grand Hyatt for a gastronomic feel. If you are tight on budget, you may plan for your dinner at Huntsman pub or Robin Hood that draws the attention of tourists with their exciting Christmas meals.

2. Chiang Mai

Settled in the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a land of mystical mountains and vibrant hill tribes, a wild platform for seasoned travellers, a paradise for shoppers and ecstasy for adventurers.

From Christmas gifts, clothing, souvenirs, to handicrafts from the splendid Chiang Mai Night bazaar, you can shop anything for you and your loved ones. The weather during Christmas is extremely pleasant in comparison to most of the cities in the South and allows travellers to celebrate Christmas in a regal manner.

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3. Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is the fifth’s largest Island in Thailand. It is settled just 12 km away from Koh Samui, Phangan is totally dependent on the ferries from Koh Samui and Mainland. It is one of the most pristine and untouched beauties in Thailand. It may not look like a place apt for Christmas gateway for many of the travellers.

If you are looking for an escape from the maddening crowd,It hosts few tranquil spots and allows travellers to celebrate the peaceful Christmas with their family and loved ones. You can book your stay at the Anantara Rasananda resort to relish a relaxing weekend chilling out on the beach along with massages and exotic quenchers.

4. Phuket

Phuket is among the world’s most fascinating beach destinations for Christmas celebration, with powdery sands, palm trees, sparkling seas and friendly people. Your Phuket tour package will transport to the world full of wondrous journeys across sun-kissed beaches, lush green rainforests and mountains.

And the best part about Thailand holiday packages is that this beach town has something or the other to offer for everybody. If you are not willing to travel much during Christmas, then Phuket is excellent choice for Christmas in Thailand There are innumerable hotels and resorts which caters to families, couples during the festive season.

Whether you can relax on the beach or explore temples. You can plan a trip to the national park is to spend Christmas day with a twist. You must enjoy the traditional Christmas dinner.

What will be the weather of Thailand at Christmas time?

what will be

One can visit Thailand anytime, as weather is moderate throughout the year. But if you are planning for your next vacation in Thailand, November to April is the best time. Especially during December, the weather is pleasant which makes it an ideal place for your Christmas and New Year celebration.

Christmas in Thailand:

Though Christmas is not celebrated traditionally, lots of restaurants in big cities offer a fancy holiday meal for travellers and ex-pats. You can head for Holiday feasts in Dukes that comprises of an extravagant buffet. There is a great way to get indulge in festivities if you want to celebrate Christmas day in Thailand.

Malls here play Christmas carols and big hotels host events and activities for both Christmas and New Year. You can enjoy Christmas themed dining experiences with your family and friends. You can enjoy chilling on beaches or you can indulge in exploring temples.

How to book Thailand Holiday Package for Christmas Week?

book thailand holiday package2

Choose from our wide range collection of Thailand tour packages and experience true rejuvenation. Revel into its lush green jungles, untouched beaches, A-class diving and mouth-watering food in our Thailand vacation packages. So why not get rid of monotony and celebrate Christmas in Thailand this season.

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