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How to Spend Christmas in Bali

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Winter is coming, and we are already into festive mode. December makes the best choice for vacationing, pleasant weather, Christmas and Bali, Isn’t it a perfect holiday plan.

Here are the best things to do on this festive season

Have a look at the compilation of luxuriating in Christmas shopping, savouring festive feasts, rejuvenating in spa, massages and last but not the least, grooving on your favourite numbers at midnight parties followed by rejoicing in fireworks.

1. Christmas Shopping In Bali


Looking for something for your aunt or your younger sister who is constantly probing you for a gift from your Bali Trip. Shopping in Bali is a perfect destination to shop gifts and souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones apart from being popular for its pristine attractions and exhilarating tourist activities. The destination showers bounty of things to buy for every kind of traveller, whether it is imported or local, you won’t be disappointed at all.

The God of Islands presents you unique fabric designs, traditional crafts, silver jewellery, Luwak coffee etc. If you are a die-hard shopping spree, do not forget to visit the central market of souvenirs in Bali.

You may also check the traditional art market like Ubud art market, Sukawati art market, and Kuta art market. You can also try your hand at negotiation, if you are a pro at the skill. For luxury shoppers, Seminyak and Nusa Dusa are best spots. To buy factory outlet clothes head towards Kuta, there you can find brands such as Rip Curl, Billabong and many more.

2. Indulging Taste Buds in Christmas Feasts


Some of the proficient chefs from Bali has got you very unique and luscious cuisine to flatter your palate on Christmas Eve’. Every Christmas, most of Bali’s famous restaurants, hotels and resorts create something exclusive to elevate the festive quotient. This is an excellent time to revel in exotic yet familiar Christmas menu on enthralling coastlines away from home.

Majorly, restaurants in Bali also offers packaged deals for Christmas dinner, you can avail the deal with our Bali Holiday Packages. If you are fond of Balinese food, you must try fresh seafood and festive roasted Balinese Duck Breast. Go for one of the most sought roasts available in the holiday season.

From Satay, BabiGuling, Betutu, Sambhal Matah, Arab, to Lawar, Bubur Mengguh, Nasi Jinggo, Spring Rolls, Gado Gado, there is an unlimited range to tantalize your taste buds like never before with these scrumptious dishes. The best part is you can delve into these Balinese delicacies anywhere in Bali, from low budget to extravagant restaurants, from street stalls to fine dinings.

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3. Night Parties


There is no good time, a bad time when it comes to the party in Bali. But still, you need a strong excuse to go gaga over party madness, Christmas proves to be a perfect reason. Here hundreds of venues compete with each other to throw the most happening party on the Island and incline travellers. This cute rivalry offers a broad range of great events.

From great music to tasty cocktails, every corner on the Island emits festive vibes. If you are more into a party with a massive crowd, head for Ku De Ta or Cocoon beach club, remember real parties happens after midnight. It is considered as the most popular center for clubbing because of its chilled out and tolerant culture.

4. Fireworks



Bidding goodbye to 2019 without fireworks? It is impossible! Indonesians are passionate about watching glittering fireworks in the star-studded sky on any occasion especially Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Independence Day. As the sun sets, the stunning fireworks kick-off to the sky, glowing up the happy faces gathered from all over the world. You can pick one of the west-facing beaches such as Canggu or Kuta to start your Christmas celebrations a little early and also reserve your spot to witness marvellous fireworks in the night.

5. Pampering yourself with Spa and Massage on Christmas


If you are done with your party hangovers, you need to indulge in something peaceful, productive and rejuvenating this winter vacation. Go for exhilarating Christmas yoga retreat. Plushy spas in the Island are some of the ideal places to relax and unleash yourself after a tiresome tour of the destination. Bali is renowned as one of the best spa destinations, laden with wellness centres in abundance, offering innumerable treatments and services with extravagant ambience. You can also delve into other activities like yoga and meditation.

6. Making someone else’s day special with one good deed


Welcome the spirit of vacationing by lending a hand to the local people in need. There are an ample amount of foundations running in Bali that will be more than happy to accept your blessings to those in need. You may also try to get in association with charity concerts, lunches, dinners or bazaar to serve people you care about. If you can make someone smile while spending your holiday, it is worth holidaying. This Christmas spread happiness and celebrate differently!

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