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Holiday Packages to Malaysia including Malaysia Travel Guide

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Malaysia Holiday Packages

The country is an easy destination to plan for holiday even you are traveling for the first time. The things that needs tour concern like any other travel plan is to give weightage to Malaysia Travel Guide and Tips before you take off from your home country. We have shared some of the best travel tips that will your holiday unforgettable one. We make sure that your holidays to Malaysia is going to be unlike any other trips in Southeast Asia.

Idyllic islands, verdant tropical forests and amalgamation of cultures is magnetic enough to pull you towards Malaysia. You will get to explore richness in the diversities of culture embodying delicious cuisine, swanky trends, vibrant festivals and traditions- all in one place. If you will closely observe, you may see traces of its colonial past in ancient buildings such as City Hall and Kellie’s Castle. One can get an impression of busy streets and shopping centers, but it also houses fabulously affluent natural landscape for the nature lovers.

Here is the list of Malaysia Travel Guide and Tips to make the most out of your trip to Malaysia

Best Time to Visit Malaysia

Best Time to Visit Malaysia

In Malaysia, weather can be extremely hot and humid on some days, but in general it features lovely tropical weather with pleasant temperatures around 28 degree centigrade. In case it gets too intolerable for your outings, plan for indoor activities and savor in delightful cafes.

Best time to visit Malaysia is from April to October.

Make sure you apply sunscreen when it’s needed and drink loads of water.

Currency and Visa

The official currency of Malaysia: – Malaysian Ringgit

Visa: – Holiday in Malaysia is not a difficult task; for most of the countries you don’t have to apply for a visa in advance. There are some countries in Asia that need Visa for Malaysia. For some countries in North America and Europe, you will get a 90 days visa stamp on arrival; some of the countries are getting Visa for only 30 days. Make sure your passport and other required documents are up to date. In case you need more information on this, you can call or drop an email to us our travel expert will connect with you immediately.

What to Pack for Traveling Malaysia

Essential Things to Pack while Travelling

Though the country embraces you with love and joy, but as a traveler it is one’s duty to follow rules and respect the ethics of the destination. Before you pack, always keep weather and conservative approach of the travel destination in your mind.

Here is the list of things you need to pack for your Malaysia tour:-

  • Lightweight comfortable walking shoes
  • Light colored and loose clothes
  • Umbrella
  • Knee- length shorts and full sleeves t- shirts to dress more conservatively when you visit temples or sacred places
  • A cardigan or stole in case you get chills in flights or air- conditioned restaurants


a. Relax in Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island in Malaysia

Need to relax and rejuvenate yourself?  It’s time to head for beaches. The Langkawi Island is a remarkable spot to laze on the sand and gaze at the scenic views. Book our Malaysia Travel Tour Packages and plan for stay for a day or two and relish some of the breathtaking beauty of the beautiful island. You can also go for jetski island tour on your trip to Malaysia.

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 b. Visit the Batu Caves

Batu Caves in Malaysia

The Batu caves features three big limestone caves with 272 steps to get into the temple. If you want to click some great pictures for you next instagram post, try to visit the place early in the morning to avoid the crowd.  If you are in Malaysia at the time of Thaipusam celebration, do not forget to witness the colorful festival.

c. Dive in the Redang Islands

Redang Island in Malaysia

If you are an adrenaline seekers, then you need to check out the Redang Island. The waters around the Island embodies 31 amazing sites for scuba diving. It also includes spectacular shipwrecks, you cannot afford to miss on it. You will definitely fall for the Perhentian Islands, the island is famous for its picturesque views.

Malaysian Food

Malaysian Food

As the country showcases a rich fusion of cultures, it is pretty much evident in the culinary landscape too. The food reflects flavors from China, India and local southeastern Asia. Some of the best dishes you must try while you are on holiday in Malaysia are Nasi Lemak, Banana leaf, Curry Laksa, Nasi Kerabu, Beef Redang, Assam Laksa, Fish head curry, Biryani and much more. In cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Kota Kinabalu, Langkawi and Penang, you will get mouth- watering food to satiate in with your Kuala Lumpur tour.


Transport in Malaysia

There are plenty of options for transport in Malaysia for travelers from all over the globe. You can opt for lines to go around Malaysia that includes LRT, MRT and Monorail. You can also take bus to reach your destinations. These buses are pocket friendly deal when it comes to save your money. Make sure you download the required map and routes on your phone.

We hope our Malaysia travel guide and Tips will help you on your upcoming Malaysia Travel Tour Packages.

How to Book Malaysia International Holiday Packages?

Malaysia Tour Packages

We provide a broad array of solely crafted travel experiences with our Malaysia International Holiday Packages. To book your holiday package browse our wide range of Holiday Packages to Malaysia.  Choose your suitable Malaysia holiday package created by our skilled travel experts keeping best deals on flight tickets and best lines of hotels as to priority.

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