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The Best Undiscovered places to visit in Thailand

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places to visit in Thailand

Thailand is flooded with stunning coastlines and less touristy places but relishing on the pristine island is nearly impossible because it takes too much time and research. That’s why we are here to guide and help with your island hunting. Our travel experts have showered their personal experiences with their latest Thailand trip in this blog we find out some Undiscovered places to visit in Thailand that will definitely impress you. You can also explore our Thailand tour guide for a better travel experience.

List of Top 10 Undiscovered Places to Visit in Thailand

Visit in Thailand

  1.  Ko Adang ko Tarutao Satun- Hidden place in Thailand
  2.  Ko Phra Thong Phang – Unique places in Thailand
  3.  Koh Lao Liang Hat Samran Trang Thailand.
  4.  Koh Bulon Lae – Less crowded island Thailand
  5.  Ko Mak Trat- Undiscovered Thailand
  6.  Koh Phayam Ranong – Lonely planet
  7.  Koh Tarutao – Unspoilt thailand
  8.  Koh Kood – Thailand’s beautiful beaches
  9.  Ko Libong Trang – less touristy place in Thailand
  10.  Koh Yao Noi – Quiet island in Thailand


1. Ko Adang koTarutao Satun- Hidden place in Thailand


Hidden place in Thailand


The pristine island is laden with a richness of greens, which is a part of Ko Tarutao National park. Enveloped with rainforest and housing some sandy beaches, magnificent waterfalls, and ideal snorkeling spots, this is not much-crowded place in comparison to the neighbor island Koh Lipe.

To maintain its originality, there are no accommodations and infrastructure as such on the Island. You may find a few basic bungalows or tents for your stay on one of the unique places in Thailand to elevate your travel experience.

2. Ko Phra Thong Phang-Unique places in Thailand


Best Unique places in Thailand

Ko Phra Thong Phang is not like usual Island, It offers a unique vibe if you are saturated with your previous Island exploration. What makes the Island different from others is broad expansions of inland savannah, which relinquishes it an African essence.

It also showcases spectacular coastlines outlined by palm trees, stunning coral reefs and credit is definitely less human invasion. You may witness a number of sea turtles and rare species of birds. Don’t expect luxury stay on the Island, but there is a number of options that are comfortable for your stay.

3. Koh Lao Liang Hat Samran Trang Thailand


Koh Lao Liang Thailand

Famous as one of the best-kept secrets, the untouched natural beauty, Koh Lao Liang is settled in Koh Petra National Park. It boasts a tag of owning an eco-resort status, as it keeps commercialization to a side that is easily seen in upscale camping culture on the island.

The island has limited the number of travelers visiting the island on a daily basis which is helping in maintaining the Island’s natural beauty with marvelous cliff stones, coastlines with pure white sparkling sands and vibrant coral reefs. If you are a person who enjoys his own solitude, you must plan a night in camping on one of the less touristy places in Thailand.

4. Koh Bulon Lae – Less crowded island Thailand


Less crowded island Thailand


What do you think of an Island with just 150 inhabitants to start with? When you think that islanders are residing in the eastern part, there is a number of alluring views in the vicinity to cherish.

There are some of the most gorgeous resorts which are unknown to most of the tourists which makes it more interesting for the peace seekers. You can relax on a deserted beach and enjoy your time in exploring pristine coral reefs that are apt for snorkeling.

5. Ko Mak Trat-Undiscovered Thailand


Ko Mak Trat - Undiscovered Thailand 


It is a more silent substitute in comparison to its huge brother Island Koh Chang. Well, the huge Koh Chang features a diversion for very few adventurous seekers, those who are risk-takers to travel more to the Island, they often get heavenly tranquility.

The Island is private and offers a safe space for your family. There are innumerable places to stay in Koh Mak, you can plan for diving and the best part is you don’t have to share your space with anyone.

6. Koh Phayam Ranong – Lonely planet


Koh Phayam Ranong


Situated in the Andaman Sea, next to border with Burma, Ko Phayam is another hidden gem among beautiful hidden islands of Thailand. But our resources have found out that it may go for urbanization anytime, so we will advise you to visit the serene beauty before it gets too late.

It completes all the beauty parameters of a hidden island such as while long coastlines, coral reefs, and crystal clear blue waters. It inhibits positive vibes which are reflected in the air when you visit the destination. There are two major beaches on the Island offering comfortable accommodations for travelers.

7. Koh Tarutao- Unspoilt Thailand


 Unspoilt thailand Koh Tarutao

The mesmerizing beauty, Koh Tarutao is considered one of the most untouched spots in Thailand. Unlike the main tourist islands, it is silent, peaceful, gorgeous, and clean and protected because it is unexplored. Koh Tarutao was also used as a film set for the fifth season of a popular TV show- Survivor.

The Island bears the status of a protected national park and doesn’t feature any lavish resorts, and beach parties, only peace and breathtaking views along with plenty of wildlife. You may get a glimpse of langurs, turtles, wild pigs and crab-eating macaques. You will get a tent or basic bungalows if you are planning for a stay over on the Island then book our Thailand holiday packages now.

8. Koh Kood- Thailand’s beautiful beaches


Thailand’s beautiful beaches - Koh Kood

Nestled near the Cambodian border and 200 miles east of Bangkok, the island offers incredible tranquility for its visitors. If you are there on this mesmerizing island encompassing thick rainforests, attractive inland waterfalls, rich coconut plantations and few fishing villages with only a population of two thousand people.

You get an ample amount of options when it comes to staying. Grab best deals with our customized Thailand tour packages and discover the silence in an epic way.

9. Ko Libong Trang – less touristy place in Thailand


 less touristy place Thailand Ko Libong Trang

Looking for a break from the touristy hustles, Ko Libong is an ideal spot for you. Though it is a tiny island, it showcases an enormous amount of scenic views and wildlife.

This island is one of the few spots from Thailand where you may get a chance to witness the rear sea mammal- dugong, which is also known as a sea cow. The accommodation options are scanty, so you need to do advance booking for the same.

10. Koh Yao Noi – Quiet island in Thailand


Quiet island in Thailand Koh Yao Noi

Koh Yao Noi is considered as the most photogenic island in Thailand for its untouched beaches, clustered forests and tempting coastlines. It makes a perfect ambiance to wallow in snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking.

This is the only Island which is the most developed one on the list of undiscovered islands to visit in Thailand. You may find an ample amount of shacks to savor in and few boutique resorts to shopping around. Book your Thailand Holiday package now!

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