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Planning a Girls Trip to Bali

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Though Bali is gaining popularity as the party nation for the party freaks seeking for entertainment in grooving on their favorite DJ’s numbers while sipping on their drinks. There are n- numbers of factors for planning a girls trip to Bali and things to do for female travelers to revel in exploring culture, food, shopping and some of the best spas to rejuvenate them. Be it a relaxing by a breathtaking beach, surfing or meeting with locals and enjoying the destination tour on your trip to Bali, Bali international holiday packages has you covered. If you are planning for holiday in Bali with your girls where you can simply relish holidaying at the enchanting Island, then you need to give a read to this blog.

The Ultimate Girl Squad Bucket List for planning a Girls Trip to Bali

Bali International Vacation Packages

No wonder Island is famous for its gorgeous array of beaches and scenic beauty, but that’s not all. From unlimited shopping, pampering yourself at lavish spa centers to enjoying your stay at impressive villas, Bali is hub to affordable luxury indulgences which is definitely adored by every woman out there.

  1. Get pampered at an affordable luxury spa

Luxurious spa and Massage
Balinese spa centers offers treatments with mixture of ancient therapeutic remedies & modern day spa techniques to be healthy, calm, rejuvenate & well- being. The spa- experience is created as a space where you and your girls can focus on relaxing your mind, soul and rejuvenate the body. You can go for aromatherapy, body massage, herbal massage, body scrub, hot stone massage, and facials with our Bali international vacation packages on your girls trip to Bali.

Here is a list of popular spa centers you need to check out:

  • La Joya
  • Tjampuhan Spa
  • Jaens Spa: Affordable luxury relaxation
  1. Go for shopping therapy

Shopping in Bali

If you are planning a girls trip in Bali and you don’t plan for shopping, how is that possible? The Island has to offer a lot when it comes to ignite the shopping spree inside you. From the traditional Kopi luwak to extravagant designer wear, including beachwear, chocolates, handbags, fragrances, street wear and much more. Shopping is a therapy, who else knows better than females to calm down your shopaholic soul. So it’s time to head for shopping and give a break to your party plans

Best places for shopping in Bali:

  • Rip curl, Bali boatshed, Bistro Tropez, Thaikila Bikinis for beachwear and surf wear
  • Uma and Leopold in Seminyak or Petitenget for designer and glamorous girl’s clothings
  • The John Hardy workshop or Studio Perak for Fancy silver jewelry
  • Love Anchor, trendy hipster market in Canguu
  • Old Man for organic food
  • Lily Jean Bali for tropical-chic outfits and The White Peacock Bali: One-of-a-kind hand-sewn pieces
  • The White Peacock Bali: One-of-a-kind hand-sewn pieces


  1. Must-do attractions:

Must-Do-Attractions-in-Bali-IndonesiaBali is filled with number of surprises and innumerable thing to do for every kind of traveler. The Island of god is a marvelous destination that you need to explore for its breathtaking attractions. Bali is a destination where you will never get even closer to boredom because there is so much for you to explore.

Here we have some suggestions you must need to consider and you must eat when you are on exciting ladies vacation in Bali.

  • Catch the breathtaking sunset at Uluwatu Temple

Sunset at Uluwatu TempleUluwatu Temple is a popular for its astounding location; it is nestled on the top of a Steep cliff around 70, meters above the ocean. One of the 6 main temples is counted as the Bali’s spiritual pillars. Uluwatu is undoubtedly, one of the best places to visit in Bali to relish the gorgeous sunset, with tempting views overshadowing the Indian Ocean and wallow in tribal dance performances takes place at amphitheatre nearby. Uluwatu temple is situated in Pecatu, South Kuta in Bali.

Recommended time to witness sunset: At 4pm

  • Taman Festival Theme Park

Taman Festival Theme ParkThere is an insane fun in exploring abandon buildings and monuments with your girl squad. Fully stocked with dazzling laser shows, 3D theater, roller coasters, and crocodiles, Taman was recognized as the main highlight of the famous Sanur beach in Bali. There is the rumor that crocodile population is still increasing in the swamps of Taman. Since the park is not active anymore but travlers from all over the world are visiting this abandoned property to admire the unique representation of graffiti and concrete structures. You may take ferries, buses or hire taxis from Denspar to reach the park. It is 7 to 10 minutes’ drive and a walk of approximately 40 min. walk from Sanur beach.

   Tip you may consider

  • Always wear something which is fully covered (Long- sleeve shirt and pants) as you will be get to interact with lots of mosquitoes because of swamp areas.
  • Lanes are quite treacherous wear crocs or comfortable shoes.
  • Do not forget to carry your camera (make sure it is fully charged) as you will be getting lot of art on the walls.


  • Bamboo villas at The Green Village

Bamboo villas at The Green Village.Bamboo village in Bali is about bamboo villas built around tress at the green village. The incredible resort perched on vast 1.2 hectares real estate in the island and showcases a broad range of facilities embodying restaurant, wellness spa, yoga shala and a swimming pool. The interiors are definitely going to woo you with their exotic styles, high- end fixtures, fittings, up cycled items with luxury vibes.


  1. Dine in Style with Bali’s best delicacies

Bali restaurants and delicaciesYour Girls trip to Bali isn’t done yet, if you haven’t savor on the scrumptious cuisine in Bali, then it’s time to embrace the rich culinary culture from the Island. As food is the real reflection of any destination, so is Bali, laden with diversities of cultures. You and your foodie gang must revel in the yummiest street food and traditional delicacies. So keep your diet chart aside and enjoy Balinese food such as Satay, Nasi ayam, Babi guling and much more to calm down your palate.


  1. Visit at an airplane restaurant – Keramas Aero Park

Airplane restaurantYou must have thought of airplanes as one of the most important means of transportation which connects you with your favorite holiday destination, what if you get a chance to have your delectable meal in a plane transformed into restaurant. You will get to explore the wing and the cockpit while eating your food. The Boeing 737-400 which is refurbished into a lavish restaurant is situated around 40 minute drive away from Monkey Forest Sanctuary and the Campuhan Ridge Walk.

  1. Visit Standing Stones Restaurant

Standing Stones Restaurant and beach loungeHave an amazing time at Standing Stones restaurant and enjoy the pure bliss of food art with your girls. The restaurant is built beautifully and it added value to the area. It offers lot of scenic views for your instagram photos. There is no minimum charge you need to spend in the restaurant, all you need to purchase a voucher of 200 Rs per person which can be exchanged with the meals inside.


  1. Party by the beach at Azul Beach Club

Party at Azul Beach ClubWith its miraculously stunning beachfront location overshadowing the Indian Ocean, Azul club is the goals for your girl’s squad. Being a sophisticated place, it offers casual vibes where you can lounge, dine, and host private exclusive functions. Get ready to indulge in fine dining, extravagant cocktail culture and beachy feel including lavish savvy services by the skilled and talented chefs and peppy DJ music.

How to Book a Bali Travel Packages?

If this read excites you for planning a Girls trip to Bali, So add these to ultimate girl squad bucket list and plan a customized tour with our Bali international travel packages.

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