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Shopping in Bali

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Bali International Holiday Packages

No trip is complete if your bags are not laden with gifts and souvenirs, and Bali is paradise for all kind of shoppers. Give a read to our blog and grab your pick what you are planning to buy while shopping in Bali. The tropical island of Bali has offered a lot to its travelers over the years, its’s got something for every kind of shopping spree, and prices which doesn’t squeeze out the blood out of your wallet. From extravagant designers wear to Kopi Luwak coffee, there is much more to blow your mind away.

10 Things You Should Definitely Buy While You Are Shopping in Bali

If you are looking for a fun- filled and exhilarating holiday, you must definitely try or buy these 10 things while you are Shopping in Bali.

1. Kopi Luwak coffee and chocolates

Bali- Kopi Luwak Coffee and Chocolates

If you are coffee addict, the Kopi Luwak from Bali should be on wish list of ‘things you should definitely buy while you are in Bali’. The most expensive coffee leaves a very strong taste on your tongue after every sip you take, which attracts coffee lovers from all over the world. Similarly, chocolates are very popular among travellers when it comes to shopping in Bali.

From milk to dark chocolates, Bali has lot of love to offer. So do not forget to shop some great coffee and chocolates made from kopi luwak beans if you are in Bali. You can visit kopi Bali House to buy best kopi luwak coffee.

2. Balinese silver jewelry

Balinese silver jewelry

Buying silver jewelry in Bali is not one of the top things, but also the best things to do in the destination on your holiday. Bali is popular for producing the collection of artistically pleasing jewelry pieces from best gold and silversmiths. Here in Bali, Silversmiths crafts spectacular pieces of art with precious and semi- precious stones.

Bali is the ideal destination for the people who are fond of silver jewelry. You can visit studio Perak in Ubud or John Hardy workshop to explore and buy some of the gorgeous handcrafted jewelry like earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and armbands to sway away your loved ones at home.

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3. Batik fabric and clothing

Bali Batik fabric and clothing

If you are not aware what is Batik fabric, let us tell you batik fabric is very common fabric and extensively used in every Indonesian culture for clothing, religious wear and home décor. In Bali, you can see songket, made with cotton and natural dyes that are woven into beautifully detailed designs.

Whether you are looking for cotton, knit or rayon batik fabric, you get everything according to your choices be it for fashion patterns, quilt patterns and accessory patterns. You can buy your favorite batik fabric and create your own dress, skirt, shirt, table cloth, bed linen etc. back at home.

4. Handmade dupa

Bali Handmade Dupa

If you are in Bali and you have a thing for incense sticks, then there is no better place to shop for the same. Bali has got some of the best stores for handmade incense sticks as souvenirs to take back for your family and friends. They are best things to buy as they are super- affordable, have great fragrance and won’t take much space in your luggage, so do not forget to buy few sticks!

5. Bali ceramics

You badly want to upgrade your interior with some stunning pieces of home décor, then you must take a look on Balinese pottery. Majority of the stores and shops sell basic tableware, ceramic statues, incense burners that have baroque patterns on them. And if you want to get into little deeper into art, you can also give a try to pottery classes and learn something new.

6. Organic beauty products

Bali Organic Beauty Products

If you have traveled before to the destination or you must have seen on TV or internet, most of Balinese women have an incredibly radiant and clear skin. And you shouldn’t be surprised, because they only use organic beauty products made from herbs and flowers which are available locally for their skin routine. Bali’s cosmetic centers, salons and spa centers are loaded with wonderful face scrubs, body scrubs, massage oils and soaps. You can consider buying any of them, whatever fancies you as a beauty enthusiast.

7. Beachwear

Bali Beachwear

How can we forget about beachwear, the most important thing to buy in Bali for a woman vacationing in the destination! A beachwear is an essential and your sunbathing and other beach activities aren’t up to the mark if you are not in the right attire. Boatshed in Bali is a perfect spot, where you can get desirable swimwear, vibrant beach gear, towels and beach bags.

If you are a water lover and fond of surfing, you will be definitely impressed with the collection of beach and surf wear. Book Bali Holiday Packages and You can buy your favorite beach and surf wear from some of the popular places such as Rip Curl, Drifter Surf Shop Café, Bali Boatshed and Chilli Bali at the most affordable prices.

8. Handicrafts

Bali Handicrafts

If you are done with buying jewelry, batik fabric and organic oils and scrubs, take a look at handicrafts also. Bali endorses its artist and admirable talent by pouring desired attention on the masterpieces crafted by them. The pocket friendly prices of these handicrafts in Bali makes them one of the best things to buy while you are in Bali.

If you want to show the real piece of Bali at your home, you can buy vintage furniture or handmade terracotta depending what excites your inner art- admirer to buy among these beautiful essentials. You can buy these traditional handicrafts from Ubud market or Sukawati in Bali.

9. Bags


Bali is booming as a significant nerve center for all eco- friendly and sustainable things, which has undoubtedly elated the amount of demand of eco- products. There are brands in Bali like Ono creations, which manufactures genuine and leather- soft bags made from fibers such as cork oak.

If you are nature lover and want to payback to environment you will like intricately designed textiles. You must shop, if you are an eco- friendly shopper. You can buy eco- products from Threads of life, Ono Creations and Smile Clothing in Bali.

10. Souvenirs


Being the popular hub for shopaholics, Bali international vacation packages covers a range of exciting deals to buy souvenirs for your family and friends. Though there is lot to buy to take home, but some of them are considered as best gifts such as Gemala Bali Silver for girls out there in your family or among your friends, people fond of crazy gifts, you can get them wooden carved penis, for your fashionable bae, you can buy sarongs and Bali batiks, kopi luwak coffee for all your coffee lovers friends.

Experience shopping in Bali, Bali events and Bali festivals by our Bali international holiday packages.

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