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Best Thailand travel tips and advice for a safe journey

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Best Thailand travel tips and advice for a safe journey

Planning of an international trip and you can’t resist thinking about Thailand? It’s impossible. Every college group or a night in the hostel couldn’t escape the discussion over topic of traveling to Thailand. At least once in a lifetime. In this blog we discussed about Thailand travel tips so you can enjoy your safe journey in Thailand.

One of the most frequent visited destinations with mesmerizing white coastal lines, and extravagant cosmopolitan culture is the heart of tourism. The hub for amazing beaches, adventurous water sports, happening half-moon parties, mouthwatering food, Thailand is evergreen among travelers. The destination is an ideal hideout especially for beach lovers and travelers fond of larger-than-life lifestyle. There is a lot to explore other

than temples, monasteries and flea markets–you will get more than you have expected so far.

List of Best 7 Thailand Travel Tips and advice for a safe journey

1. what to pack for thailand
2. Thailand Currency and Documents
3. On Arrival
4. Safety Tips for thailand
5. Social Etiquette and Food Tips
6. Shopping Tips for thailand
7. Nightlife Tips For Tourists in Thailand

To achieve the best and safest travel experience, be aware about travel tips and advises. You wouldn’t want to fall into the trap of confusion or fall short on information right? All you have to do is go through our blog on Best Thailand travel tips and Advice for a safe journey.

These basic travel tips will help you have an affordable, hassle—free and smart travel experience because every penny counts. Experience adrenaline boosting adventure sports, delicious Thai food, or rejuvenate yourself with a relaxing spa with our customized Thailand Holiday Packages. Book Thailand tour packages with us and enjoy Thailand at its best.

These travel tips are savior on packing, saving money, safety, shopping, and social behavior while traveling to Thailand. Give a read on these highly recommended best Thailand travel tips for your upcoming Thailand holiday and thanks us later!

1. What to Pack for Thailand


What to Pack

• Full sleeves t-shirts and lowers, preferably loose and covered clothes to wear in conservative areas
• Beach hat and sunscreen in your bag to avoid scorching sun
• Carry scarves or stoles, in case you visit temples you have to cover your head.
• Medicines, it is not necessary that you will get your prescribed medicines at the destination
• Keep your medical prescription.
• Open sandals or sneakers
• Important electronic gadgets such as an extra charger and power bank
• Wet wipes, sanitizer, mosquito repellant and re hydration sachets

2. Thailand Currency and Documents


Currency and Documents

• Passport (keep a copy with the original document.)
• 2 passport size photos for visa application
• Other documents such as flight tickets, hotel vouchers, travel insurance and medical insurance.
• International debit or credit card
• Make sure you keep a scanned and hard copy of every document handy.

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3. On Arrival 


On Arrival

Make sure you are on time if you are planning to opt for Seat in Coach or (SIC) transfers. In case you get late, wait for another 2 hrs. If you will opt for private transfers through us, there is no time slot. Private transfers usually take place between 5 am- 11 pm. In case, you feel stuck you can call at our emergency contact number and our travel guide will guide you thoroughly.

4. Safety Tips for Thailand


Safety Tips 

• Always follow Safety tips written on boards in Thailand.
• Follow traffic rules.
• Follow Do’s and Don,’ts written on boards
• Memorize the emergency contact numbers or keep them in your contact list such as police, medical emergency number, etc.
• Avoid going alone to isolated area such as secluded beaches, islands and forests, if you are traveling solo.
• Do not get drunk if your friends are not there at the moment or if you are traveling solo.
• Avoid going to dull-lit areas.
• Never give your passport to car- rental agencies, only other IDs like driving license.
• In case you rent a car and the provider asks for your passport (for insurance or any other purpose), look for another rental company that accepts other IDs.
• Always keep your money at different places like different pockets, some cash in the bag, some in mobile back cover and in the wallet.
• Always carry some cash along with you at least 300- 500 baht and distribute money in pockets, wallets and handbag.
• Make sure you register yourself with the country’s embassy before traveling. This will help you get out easily of the situation like a natural disaster.

5. Social Etiquette and Food Tips 

Social Etiquette and Food Tips 

• Respect the culture and heritage of the country.
• Do not speak anything disrespectful about the king of Thailand. Citizens are very sensitive about him.
• Always greet back with Thai gesture of holding hands in prayer position and bowing, known as Wai.
• Don’t touch anyone’s head and point them with your feet.
• Always remove your shoes while entering temples.
• Always dress appropriately while visiting sacred places or conservative area.
• Respect the national anthem of any other country like the way you do for your country.
• Learn some important Thai phrases-

i. Hello – Swasdi
ii. How are you? – Sabai dee ru
iii. Yes – Chai
iv. No – Mai chai
v. Airport – Sanaam bin
vi. Thank you – Khob khun
vii. I can’t speak Thai – Pood Thai mai dai
viii. How much? – Nee tao rai
ix. Can you give a little discount – Lot noi dai mai
x. I don’t understand – Mai kow jai

Food Tips
• Visit less touristy area for delicious food at reasonable prices.
• Always try to savor in the local and street food, because it is comparatively cheaper and tastier.
• Select the vendors who prepare meals in front of the travelers, so you are aware what and how they are cooking.
• Always ask your waiter about the dish and its ingredients before ordering anything new on the menu.
• Do not use fork to eat food, it is used to push food to the spoon, People do not like if you   eat with fork, it is rude in Thai culture.

6. Shopping Tips for Thailand


Shopping Tips 

  • If you love shopping, you must learn to bargain here. It really works well.
    • Always window shop first and then pick whatever you want.
  • If you love shopping, you must learn bargaining here, it really works well.
  • Always window shop first and then pick whatever you want.
  • Always carry some cash, because you never know if cards works everywhere or not.

7. Nightlife Tips for Tourists in Thailand 


Nightlife Tips for Tourists in Thailand 

  • Always do research before hitting any nightclub about the ratings of the club, kind of crowd and pricing of the menu and drinks.
  • Follow dress code, some of the prestigious clubs do not allow casuals.
  • Apart from clubbing, you can explore and experience full moon parties, night cruises night markets and cabaret shows.
  • One of the most important travel tips is- Don’t do drugs!
  • Try to wear sneakers for beach party, there are chances you might step over broken pieces of glass or beer bottles.

To have a fun and safe travel follow these best Thailand travel tips and advice for safe journey. Last but not the least, Stay Alert and Have Fun! In case you need any assistance, call us.

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