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Things to Do In Dubai as a First Time Visitor before You Regret

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Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai is a city which is incomparable to other cities because of its blend of ancient aged charm to modern history in epic balance. With impressive skyscrapers, vast desert, and ancient history, it can be a bit astounding to first-time visitors. It’s an insane mix of ancient culture and cosmopolitan elements and you’ll be amazed to see bits of everything on your first visit.  We have tried to cover every detail about your trip to Dubai, this blog will ensure that first-time visitors get a taste of all the fun Dubai has stored so far. Or you can say that which type Things to Do In Dubai as a First Time Visitor so you don’t feel Regret before you left Dubai. Along with the attractions celebration of New Year eve in Dubai is also remarkable. The city has innumerable list of attractions or activities to offer.

If you are flying to Dubai for the first time book our exclusively designed packages. Here are the top 7 attractions or activities to do in Dubai as first time traveler to United Arab Emirates.

Top 7 Things to Do In Dubai

1. La Mer Dubai

la mer dubai

LA MER is definitely the chicest beachfront destination and perhaps, in all of the United Arab Emirates. It is a mandatory attraction to visit for every traveler. The area has several fancy restaurants, many shops, and a huge beach with a crystal clear water. The beach is divided between the north and north and south sections with a wharf the middle. At the wharf you will find a waterpark, lots of restaurants, and amazing street art.

The combination of old rustic city with wooden barrels and a beat up truck gives this whole area that extra bit of charm. La Mer is a wonderful place to spend the whole day in sunbathing, eating, and relaxing. Once the sun goes down this place transforms into a lively spot for great nightlife.

2. Old Dubai

old dubai

Old Dubai is a mystical place enveloped in fascinating history and secret tales. More you get you wander, more you will feel closer to the travel destination and try to get immerse in the richness of ancient culture and Arab traditions.

Explore the historical neighborhood of Al Bastakiya, shop in the Dubai souks, and Endeavor the history of the Dubai Creek that sectioned the city between tribes and dynasties. Immerse yourself in traditional Arabic culture by visiting one of Old Dubai’s tea houses, or pick up some traditional garments at the textile souk as a souvenir. For foodies, don’t forget to stop by one of the amazing spice and herb souks. You will definitely love the attraction as a first time traveler.

3. Dubai Desert – A Place of Tranquility

dubai desert

At the point when you’re prepared for a break from your chaotic city life, plan for the Dubai desert. It is just about an hour drive away and opens up an entirely different universe of Arab culture. From immense sumptuous skyscrapers, you’ll enter a universe of immaculate and impressive landscape.

Here is the place the Bedouins rule and the camels wander, and it’s a spot which is incomparable to anything you’ve seen before. There are numerous organizations that allows you to relish the deserts of Dubai tents. Most of the travel packages will deliver all the arrangements and drive you into the desert where you can explore the beauty, savor on Arabic cuisine, and experience the quietness and surreal views of the Dubai desert.

4. Rent a limo on hourly basis

limo on rent

UAE is a kind of happiness when it comes to super cars for car darlings. Overly lavish and fast vehicles can be seen out and about on regular basis. You can lease any model and drive your fantasy vehicle. You may see car running at the speed of 140 Km/hr which implies that a Ferrari and a SUV will show side to side on any side of the nation.

Henceforth rent a driver driven limousine on hourly basis and enjoy your car rides throughout the city. Book your Dubai tour packages to ride your favorite automobile beauty and exhilarate your first trip to Dubai.

5. Dubai Miracle Garden

 miracle garden

Every year from mid-November to mid-May, a 72,000 sqm space loaded with aromas and hues comes to life. This amazing experience is one of Cityland’s mark innovations – Dubai Miracle Garden. It kicked- off on Valentine’s Day, 2013, and is set in the core of Dubailand.

Witnessing the beauty of garden in full flourishing growth with its 150 million flowers organized in bright patterns and designs, and the myriad shapes they make, is genuinely genius. Some of the best highlights to see are teddy bear, emirates A380 and Lost paradise. Plan your Dubai international packages with us and give your family especially your kids this gift of enormous beauty.

6. Ibn Battuta mall

ibn battuta mall

It is World’s biggest themed shopping center, partitioned into six courts whose structure is derived by other nations visited by proficient Moroccan Berber, Ibn Battuta. The shopping center is perfect for shopping marked product at a discounted price. Regardless of whether stores in Dubai shopping center doesn’t offer rebate, you’ll discover something here for sure.

7. Dubai Fountain (No entry ticket)


World’s tallest conceptualized fountain system in Dubai Mall. This is unnoticeable from each point on the lake promenade and from many neighboring structures. Admire programs and performances according to your will and wish, you may get shows during evening and night. The performances at Dubai Fountain lasts for at least 5 min and travelers love to gaze at these marvelous fountain performances.

What to wear in Dubai?

what to wear

Being here you have to be very careful about what you wear. The country follows Sha- aria religiously, so it is important not to hurt their sentiments. When you visit any attractions, keep in mind to dress appropriately.

Children do not raise the way, other countries have been raised, they are not used to see people in shorts and tank tops. So., it is very important to wear something which is fully covered, sophisticated yet comfortable. Are you ready to travel, Book your Dubai international vacation packages now and store unforgettable memories as much as you can.

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