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10 Top Most Adventurous Sports in Bali for the Thrill Seeker in you

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Bali-International-Holiday-PackagesAre you looking for some adrenaline boosting activities to revel in? The beautiful destination is filled with loads to offer for the thrill junkies. The stimulating water activities will show you a different aspect of Bali loaded with extremes and top most adventurous sports in Bali. The destination is definitely a rescuer when you are done with relaxing in opulent spa centers or tired of enjoying the white sands while gazing at the view.

From playing with giant and wild waves during white water rafting, exploring the underwater world laden with hundreds of colorful fishes and corals to propelling yourself into air like an action super star, the destination serves plenty of things to do for the travelers in Bali.

Whether it is exciting adventurous activities or exploring breathtaking marine life the destination will leave you surprised.

Here are the Top Most Adventurous Sports in Bali for the Thrill Seeker in you

So, let’s go through our compilation of top most adventurous sports in Bali in our list.

  1. Bali Rolling Donut

Bali Rolling DonutThe sport activity features donut shaped container which is attached with a speed boat, it moves side to side as the boat accelerates it speed. The best beaches to delve into Bali Rolling Donut in Bali are Tanjaung Benoa beach and the Sanur beach in Bali.

Grab exciting deals on Bali international holiday and enjoy one of the most adventure sports in Bali.

  1. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing in BaliOne of the top most adventures in Bali, Jet Skiing is a perfect choice for thrill seeker. Get ready to ride a motorized vehicle and enjoy the cool wind blowing over the ocean hitting your face as you raise the speed through the waters.

The best place to do the activity in Bali is Tanjung Benoa beach with our Bali travel packages.

  1. Surfing

Surfing in BaliIt is an exhilarating experience when you feel like you are actually feeling the music of the waves and groove accordingly. Well we won’t deny, the sport is difficult on the adventure level and it requires professional training. But, you don’t have to dishearten yourself, there are n number of affordable surfing school to train you out, no matter if you are beginner. The best beaches to try your hands at surfing are Uluwatu, Nusa Dusa, Padang Padang, and Balangan.

  1. Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in BaliIf you are here in Bali, and haven’t tried Fly Fishing in Bali, then you are definitely missing out on something big.

The newly launched sport is getting all- hyped among travelers, it features seating arrangement for 3 people in a giant kite shaped boat and it pulls you along the ocean with the strong wind once you are in the air. It is worth doing water adventure sport on your Bali trip.

  1. Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride in BaliThe popular adventure sport in Bali is a perfect fit for every group. The shape of the boat resembles to a banana and it allows four passengers and one professional guide at a time. Nothing can beat the fun of drifting on wild waves on floating boat with your friends or loved ones.

The adventure level of the water activity is on the easier plus you are guided with the professional guide all the time. If you are planning girls trip to Bali, then you must delve into Banana boat ride to raise the level of adventure.

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  1. Parasailing

Parasailing in BaliWant to fly high in the sky overlooking giant water bodies, Parasailing is your sport. One of the most popular and easiest sports activities to do in Bali offers breathtaking views to revel in while you fly high in the air.

Absorb the scenic views, fun and thrill along with the soothing breeze as you are being pulled by the speedboat. Elevate your romance- cum- thrill quotient with your better half with Bali International Tour Packages.

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  1. Underwater Scooter Ride

Underwater Scooter Ride in BaliGet a feel of riding your favorite scooter, but this time underwater. One of the top most adventure sports in Bali for thrill seekers is gaining popularity on high scale- Underwater scooter. The underwater scooter is pretty much closer to submarine with handle bars but in the shape of a bike. You don’t have to be a skilled swimmer to enjoy the activity, all you need to gear up yourself with head- bubble suit. Explore the exotic aquatic life while riding the single- seated scooter

  1. Subwing

Subwing in BaliThe unique sport never disappoints any adrenaline junkie, so be ready to get indulged in adventure with our Bali International Holiday Packages. The tempting adventurous activity allows you glide like fishes underwater while holding firmly wing boards attached to your speedboat, as the speed boat moves underwater and you have fun moving like stingray and exploring marine life.

  1. Kite surfing

Kitesurfing in BaliIt’s time to do some talking to winds in Bali, try Kite surfing and you and your friends will never get bored of it. The thrilling sport comprises a big steerable kite to release you on the water. The activity is so exciting in its own way, it allows you to take your adrenaline level high that you would love to do it on your every Bali’s trip.

It features windsurfing, paragliding, wake boarding and surfing altogether. If you are a newbie on kite surfing, we will highly recommend to try on this Bali holiday.

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  1. Water Skiing

Water Skiing in Baliast but not the least water skiing is one of the most eye- catching adventure sports activities of Bali. The activity offers enormous amount of fun and adventure which allows you to glide on Bluewater on ski board outlined by the gorgeous white sandy coastal lines.

How to Book Bali international tour packages?

If you are planning for your most awaited Bali holiday, you and your friends need to get spoiled with the most intoxicating and electrifying top most adventurous sports in Bali. Book our exclusively designed Bali Travel Packages now and load your memories with the most adventurous experiences of your lifetime. No need to worry, these packages aren’t going to burn holes in your wallets.

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