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Top Most Adventurous Sports to do in Turkey

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It is hypnotizing, enchanting and exhilarating, the more you talk about Turkey it is less. Apart from being a hub to some of the most breathtaking scenic beauties, heritage sites, magnificent mosques, and one of the seven wonders in the world, there are lots of top Most Adventurous Sports in Turkey, a number of thrilling adventure activities for travelers have already gaining momentum and receiving appreciation from every corner of the world.

Here is a list of top Most Adventurous Sports in Turkey to revel in

Because of its advantageous geographical location, connecting both Europe and Asia, Turkey is able to incline travelers from all over the world.  Give a read to get a glimpse of the alternative extreme adventurous activities in Turkey to revel in.

Hot Air Balloon over Cappadocia in Turkey

Hot Air Balloon over Cappadocia in Turkey

To experience a captivating view from the top of the clouds, Hot air balloon ride is must for every travel junkie. Hot air balloon is one of the most popular activities in Turkey. You get a chance to exhilarate into picturesque 360 degree view of limestone spires along with the visibility of chimneys over Cappadocia of the Central Turkey. The hot air balloon ride usually takes 1 hour.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Turkey

Excellent water bodies in the country are able to offer exciting adventurous activities for tourists, which has undeniably increased the influx of travelers. When it comes to experience the most thrilling activity in Turkey, Scuba diving always rank first the list.

The long coastal line of around 200 km between Alanya and Tekirova embodies a number of ideal spot for Scuba diving. If you are a beginner, you can always get some training in the nearby well- planned scuba diving training schools.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in Turkey

If rafting on big giant waves on white water bodies excites then Alanya coast is the place, visitors can invest their time into white water rafting and other water activities there. White water rafting is considered to be the most extreme thrilling sports activities which relinquish a unique experience for adrenaline junkies.

The activity proves one of the top Most Adventurous Sports in Turkey for family and solo travelers. Our Turkey tour package encompasses this fun- filled activity at the most pocket – friendly prices.

Water and Jeep Safari

Water and Jeep Safari in Turkey

An absolutely insane adventure sport that is rapidly migrating attention of both travelers and travel operators. For popular activities like parasailing, jet skiing and banana rides, there are number of spots in Turkey, but Mediterranean and Aegean coats are favorites. If you are not in mood for water activities you can always switch to jeep safari at Saklikent Gorge.

The jeep safari enables travelers to witness ancient ruins, captivating canyons and hilly terrains. You may also delve into natural mud bath and explore pristine beauty of beaches. You can also enjoy Turkey holiday packages of your choice depending it is for solo or family.

Canyoning and Mountaineering

Canyoning and Mountaineering in Turkey

Trekking, climbing, jumping and surfing are gaining popularity on a higher scale in Turkey. Counted among best adventure sports in the country; Mountaineering and Canyoning allows travelers to have a glimpse of scenic views, Turkey is surrounded by beautiful ranges of mountains which offers ideal spots for such adventurous activity.

Some of the favorite spots are found in Anatolia and the famous Mount Ararat. Be it a solo or family, travelers are always delighted.

Windsurfing and KiteBoarding

Windsurfing and KiteBoarding in Turkey

If you are fond of Windsurfing and Kiteboarding, then this summer you must plan for a trip to Turkey. Delve into kiteboarding and windsurfing and explore the most adventurous sport thoroughly by Turkey international holiday packages.

The best place for the activities in Turkey is The Gulf of Gokova because of prefect weather conditions. The surfing course is 3 km long and water is shallow which makes it ideal for kiteboarding. The coastal line outlining Aegean is excellent for windsurfing because of its bays and islands.


Paragliding in Turkey

A must adventure sport for every adrenaline seeker! Paragliding is booming big time in the world of adventurous activities. It usually takes place in regions of Oludeniz beach in Turkey. Oludeniz is considered as the favorite spot as this silent town, located in south houses the Blue Lagoon bedrock, apt for paragliding.  Paragliding enthusiasts flock to this spot from around the world to relish one of the best adventure activities in Turkey.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Turkey

The national park and Antalya are becoming popular spots for rock climbing in Turkey. The rich landscape embodying majestic mountains serves a great platform for creating new routes through mountains.

Travelers can choose their favorite spot for rock climbing, as there are four top spots- Citdibi, Geyibayiri, Feslekan Yayla and Akyarlar to pick from. The activity is for all age kinds band it is easy to moderate in nature


Skiing in Turkey

The activity is considered an easy to moderate on difficulty level, which makes it ideal for every age group. If you are in Turkey and you haven’t tried skiing, your list of adventure activities is still incomplete.

There are few spots available the range of Ankara to Istanbul which has emerged as the top notch locations lately. You can explore and explore the adventure on snowcapped mountains with your family or friends.

Horse Safari and Mountain Biking

Horse Safari and Mountain Biking in Turkey

Cappadocia region of central region in Turkey encompasses a number of wonders including fairy chimneys, lanky lime spirals, queer heritage and culture. Apart from the relation of Cappadocia with lunar eclipse and cave cities, it is also popular for horse safaris.

What makes it perfect to try horse riding is the rugged plain in the region, you can also try your hand at riding a motorbike on hard terrains and windy routes.

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