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6 Top Places to visit in Turkey with our Turkey International Holiday Packages

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Embodying the richness of both Europe and Asia, Turkey amaze travelers with the tempting beauty and strong cultural affluence, an amalgamation of East and West. From Ephesus, Istanbul to Cappadocia, Pamukkale, and the Turkey is filled with exquisite charm and Turkey International Holiday Packages offers top places to visit in Turkey brimmed with the astounding landscapes, sun- soaked Mediterranean, majestic mountains and delectable food.

The destination is also a popular hub for Roman theaters, historical museums and other wonders. Apart from showcasing dominating heritage and culture, the destinations features stunning coastlines.

The Middle East wonderland is dotted with a number of domes, historical monuments, museums attracting travelers from every corner of the world. The most important asset of Turkey is Istanbul, it connects West and East i.e. Europe and Asia as it is settled at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

6 Top Places to visit in Turkey with our Turkey Tour Packages

Give a read on our compilation of Top places to visit in Turkey with our Turkey tour packages.

  1. Thermal Hot Springs in Pamukkale

Thermal Hot Springs in PamukkaleThese terrace pools are on every traveler’s mind, if you are planning to travel to Turkey. Invest some time in soaking and relaxing in these milky pool with your partner and relish the romantic experience. And when you feel you are done with the sun, move to the top of the hill where you can enjoy watching ancient ruins of Heirapolis.

  1. Visit the Ancient City of Ephesus

Visit the Ancient City of EphesusBook your Turkey Tour Packages and explore the UNESCO world heritage site with your family and loved ones. The ancient city of Ephesus is gaining popularity among travelers from all over the world for its strong Turkey’s ancient historical richness. The place features magnificent temples, theatres, libraries and houses embracing both Greek and Roman history.

  1. Take a Walking Tour of Istanbul

Walking Tour of IstanbulGlobally famous Istanbul is truly an epitome of the places to visit in Turkey. The city acts as a bridge between the west and east showcasing the cultures from both the continents. It definitely needs your attention for city tour.

Grab your flip fops and get ready to explore the city on foot. From Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia to Grand Bazar and Topkapi Palace, the city has stored a lot for its travelers. You can book tour guide and explore top extraordinary things to do in Istanbul for yourself or you can just go ahead with walking tour by all yourself, it will take 2 to 2.5 hours, that’s all.

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  1. Sail up the Coast of Turkey

Sail Up the Coast of TurkeyIf you are done with the historical tour of the destination, now it’s time to head towards mesmerizing coastlines of top Places to visit in Turkey such as Antalya, Fethiye and Marmaris. Here you may indulge in sailing in southeast coast of Turkey, the Mediterranean coast dotted with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches is heaven in itself.

  1. Hike through the Valley of Love

Valley of Love TurkeyOne of the best places to get some romantic hideout with your better half, Cappadocia serves with the best of the options which include hiking through the valley of love. Watching gorgeous landscape from a hot air balloon is an ethereal experience for sure. The rock formations here is an apt choice for day outs and picnics, that’s why it is famous as love valley.

  1. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride over Cappadocia

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over CappadociaJust jot it down on your wish list, the exhilarating activity, ‘Hot air balloon’ is definitely a one of the most adventurous sports to do and Cappadocia is also considered as one of the world’s top destinations for taking hot air balloon ride. The lifetime experience of riding in colorful balloons allows you to take a glimpse of picturesque view including rocky formations while flying high in the air. To reach Cappadocia you can take a round trip flight from Istanbul or you can also take overnight buses (if you are fine with long travel).

  1. How to Book Turkey International Holiday Packages?

Looking for an extravagant tour to Turkey at the most economical price, then you are at the right place. Go through our Turkey International Vacation Packages depending upon your choice and budget. We have exclusively designed your Turkey Tour Package prioritizing your requirements. Grab the best package and get ready for an astounding escape from hustle- bustle of the city. Our travel expert will assist you throughout your journey.

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