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Trip to Turkey in January

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Travelling elevates and transforms us into a better version of ourselves every time we travel apart from exploring experiences and discoveries about people, the culture around the world, So Why Not! And this time I gave myself an option of reading pages from vivacious Turkey. Little we knew about the place because of internet, made us more curious and we planned for our trip to Turkey. Hence we decide to get some help from Wizfair, who made everything easy and hassle-free. For our trip to Turkey in January.

Weather of Turkey in January

Turkey is popular as a summer destination among travellers, but you can visit the country all year round according to your interests, time availability and of course! When your boss grants you leave for the same. If you are not- so fond of travelling in summers, then you can plan tour trip to Turkey in late October, November, December and January. We chose January because these are the best times, as the temperature is low, usually, weather is pleasant but you may have to bear rainfall and extreme cold temperatures at times, but that’s alright as you don’t have to face much crowd. Carry woollens and warm dresses, you need to dress- up appropriately here, that’s really important. You will enjoy the snowy landscape of the destination and this is the best way to revel in Christmas New Year celebrations.

6 Places to Visit on Your Trip to Turkey in January

1. The Grand Bazaar – Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar – Istanbul, Turkey

Our drive to our hotel from airport after landing in Istanbul was more than sufficient to mesmerize us with an enormous amount of beauty of city, along with relishing a glimpse of enticing river Bosphorus. After getting over rest and sleep, we decided to explore some places in the vicinity. We started with Grand Bazaar, The place is a jumbo shopping house offering elegant traditional showpieces, pretty lamps and gorgeous outfits. The bazaar embodies over 4,000 shops with 61 covered sheets over the market. We finished our first tour day with the yummiest meal of Kanafeh.

2. Pasabag Valley – Cappadocia

Pasabag Valley – Cappadocia, Turkey

Our target for next day was to visit Cappadocia, We woke up early and took our flight to Kayseri. From there we took a cab to travel to Cappadocia. Not wasting any time, we started visiting valleys, we explored Pasabag valley and we were quite impressed by the valley’s beauty, though the place gets overcrowded after a while but it is pretty manageable. The instagramable site aids you vibrant backgrounds to click beautiful pictures. Then we enjoyed Pasabag ‘Fairy Chimney’s” valley tour, it is a historic tour which covers some of the best highlights around Cappadocia. The place is worth a visit, you will definitely love it!

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3. Goreme Open Air Museum – Cappadocia

Goreme Open Air Museum – Cappadocia, Turkey

The popular Gerome Open Air Museum is just 7 km away from Pasabag valley, we went directly to the open air museum from Pasabag. It took not more than 15 minutes’ drive for us to reach the place. The Unesco World Heritage site is one of the favorite places to visit in Turkey, it is on every traveler’s wish list. If you are fond of art, you can go to see Byzantine caves wall painting in Byzantine Cave church. We also enjoyed the picturesque views of Gerome Valley from Uchisar Castle (tall rock, famous as highest region in Gerome Valley).We had our lunch in a local restaurant after completing our tour to Cappadocia.

4. Pamukkale Thermal Water Terrace – Pamukkale

Pamukkale Thermal Water Terrace – Pamukkale, Turkey

After our delicious breakfast at white house restaurant and café in Pamukkale, we delve into unique experience of hot water of the streams. The thermal water terraces are undeniably a masterpiece which looks so surreal to eyes. These oyster- shell shaped water terraces and pools are formed by ancient hot springs. We went to explore this huge and very popular open air theatre of old time. Then we decided to take a stroll on foot on the coastline. We recorded so many breathtaking moments in our cameras and came back to hotel for some sleep.

5. Temple Of Artemis – Ephesus City

Temple Of Artemis – Ephesus City, Turkey

We woke up around 8 and got ready to explore Ephesus city post breakfast rituals. The magnificent city was one of the even wonders of the world. The temple of Artemis was originally built by Croesus, king of Lydia, which was reconstructed after bring burnt by Herostratus. Well let’s not get into history of it, we witnessed the copy statue of Famous statue of Artemis, It looks like mummy like goddess standing firm with her hands extended outwards. The original statue was made of gold, silver, and black gold. We also spent some time in Virgin Mary and finished our day with delicious pasta in dinner on our way back to hotel.

6. Blue Mosque – Istanbul

Blue Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey

Blue Mosque is one of the most popular attractions in the world so a visit was mandatory no! After we reached Istanbul, we wanted to complete our tour in an exhilarating way. We had our breakfast and started our Istanbul tour. We went to Blue Mosque, the iconic historical attraction is known for its blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior design. So here is an advice, visit the mosque in early morning hours and avoid visiting during pray hours. One more advice for you, do not wear shorts to the mosque. We also went to Topakapi palace and Hippodrome and had enough incredible memories to cherish back there at home.

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