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Where to spend Christmas in South Asia?

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where to spend Christmas

Winter is coming, so is Christmas. We all start craving for Christmas celebrations prior 2- 3 months. Gifts, new clothes, Santa Claus and rum cake, this is more than enough to give you a kick for the next Christmas celebration. But you are still planning the same way? Same menu for food with some kind of weather! The answer is a big NO. We already had so many Christmas celebrations at home and there is plenty to spend more with folks. Why not somewhere else! We have got you some of the amazing places to spend Christmas in South Asia. Southeast Asia is the best place to relish a relaxed holiday away. Pack your cosy sweaters and get ready to kick off for a festive season with the top places to spend Christmas in South Asia.

5 special places in South Asia to celebrate Christmas

1. Gili T – Bali

gilli t

Bali is a relaxed holiday destination every traveller ever dreamt of! Loosen up from dull and fast-paced life to the island of ideal dreamy vacations! These perfect islands are gifted with a pleasant climate that soothes your travel soul completely. Bewitching beaches, crystal blue waters and picturesque landscapes make the islands an apt choice to hunt for Bali holiday

Plan for a heavenly place this year and invest your time in snorkelling among vibrant coral in crystal azure waters and then party for the entire night at one of the most popular parties that take place on Gili T during the Christmas. Gili T is Christmas hideout for sure, that transfers you to the world of serenity and scenic beauties. While every other person is busy shopping and wrapping gifts, all you have to do is to order your next Bintang. Make sure you book your stay in advance with our Christmas Packages, as there are chances there are no rooms left.

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2. Pai – Thailand


Thailand is always a gem when it comes to the ideal weather for travel. Most of the time, the temperature is usually in the twenties which makes it more convenient and pleasant for the travellers. Tourists who are looking for more than a beach, they can head towards Pai. Pai is undeniably chilled out and bohemian destination. The cool vibes of the place including good food and good shopping are often drawing the attention of the visitors. The best time for your vacation is during the cool and dry season between November and early April, so you do not have Christmas is apt for holidays. In the south, the climate differs between the eastern and western coasts. The west coast is more preferred during the winter months when you can enjoy diving and snorkelling at its best.

3. Koh Phi Phi – Thailand

ko phi phi

Phi Phi is one of the amazingly incredible destinations to revel into Christmas under the sun. You can enjoy the soaking sun on warm white sand in the day hours, dusky sunsets with the tastiest traditional Christmas dinner by the beach. Get out of blanket at home and don a bikini or swimmers to explore more fun on this Christmas. The Islands of the country are always on the top chart, and Koh Phi Phi is one of the best attractions to celebrate Christmas night and admire the festivities. You can try snorkelling among the shallow coral gardens. Do not miss scuba diving at the wild white beaches.

4. Siem Reap – Cambodia

Siem Reap

Siem is situated on the border of the world famous UNESCO world heritage site, Angkor Archaeological Park is enchanting, iconic, wondrous and romantic. People in Cambodia aren’t much excited about Christmas celebrations, as it is not celebrated on a larger scale. Cambodia doesn’t even a holiday for Christmas in some areas. There are loads of places for sight- seeing and historical places, you can opt accordingly for your daytime. Siem makes an ideal place for people who are not heavy on celebrations.

The hustle-bustle of the city doesn’t affect your Christmas though, you still have things in abundance. There are innumerable pubs, bars and happening places to have unlimited fun on Christmas.

5. Hay long Bay – Vietnam

Ha Long Bay

Planning for the Christmas in out of the box way? Then Ha long Bay in Vietnam is the solution. The place will definitely offer you an impression of Not from Earth. The place is considered to be paradise in its own which makes it be on the top list of a bucket list of travellers. With its unbelievable breathtaking landscape and serene aura Hay long Bay is magic, so share the joyous moments with your special ones for a Christmas you waited so long. Vietnam is a wild and insanely beautiful place at the same time. There are multiple reasons to celebrate Christmas in Vietnam, not only is Vietnam enticing. It’s also a pocket- friendly holiday destination.

There’s something extraordinary about the South- Asian destinations that leave you feeling inspired, revived and relaxed. When you want to be encased by serenity, captivating beauties and cool breeze oozing loads of comfort and rejoice with your friends or family. You might have gone through an ample amount of options for your next Christmas celebration ideas. Here are some suggestions that you may consider for a most awaited Christmas Eve. Book your customized Christmas holiday packages at the most affordable prices.

We wish you a very a very Merry Christmas wherever you are in the world!

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